About Citadel 9


Illustrator, Architect and Grand Maker of Pizza. Head Archivist of The Ministry of Information of Robo-City Sixteen, Robotic Union. Designated by The Machine to manage the New Citadel IX, an independent publishing house that releases all The Future is Now related books, prints, original art and merchandise.

Rituals performed at:
Dynamite Entertainment, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, Games Magazine, Agat and Cie Films, Medium Corp, Aleph Editora, Wired Magazine, Avex Music Group, Paramount Pictures, RoadSec, Metallica.

Ocassionally summoned at:
3D Total's Sketching from Imagination: Sci-Fi, ImagineFX (FX Posé, March 2016)

Every product that you will find in this store has been designed and illustrated with love and care. All books printed in Spain and everything else produced in the European Union.
If you have any questions use the contact form or send me an email to josan@ixcitadel.com

Spanish: Aunque veas esta página en inglés si necesitas traducción o asistencia en castellano no dudes en escribirme al email de aquí arriba.